Dan Hertzog graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in May 1991 with a BA in Cinema-Television Production.  From there, he rapidly worked his way up from a production assistant in LA to an ad agency producer in New York City.  It was at his first staff job with Ogilvy & Mather in New York that he also made a name for himself as a director/dp, shooting first-rate test spots for next to no money.

He moved back to Los Angeles in January 1996 only to find himself crisscrossing the country countless times to freelance at a handful of ad agencies, including FCB, Bates USA, Grey, and Ogilvy.  While continuing to produce tv commercials, he also found work shooting and directing spots through his production company, In the Wee hours.

Then, after more than ten years in the ad industry, Dan returned to the world-renowned AFI Conservatory to immerse himself in the study of more narrative, visual storytelling.  He went on to receive his MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute in December 2004.  His AFI thesis film, THE PASSAGE OF MRS. CALABASH, was later honored for Artistic Achievement in Cinematography at the 2006 Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

After graduating, Dan continued to occasionally freelance as a senior and then executive producer at Ogilvy & Mather in LA.  His many years of hands-on experience in both production and post-production eventually led to stints consulting for ad agencies interested in building out their in-house production capabilities; shooting and directing tv commercials and web content for numerous brands along the way.

Passionate about visual storytelling, he continued to seek out opportunities to further his ventures in more narrative work.  In 2014, Dan traveled to Indonesia to lens the dramatic short EARTHBOUND for writer/director Robin Shou.  He was recognized again by the International Cinematographers Guild for his work on that collaboration at the 2016 Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

Some of his more recent work includes new spots in the Lowe's Hypermade series, the 1950s family drama LIFE IN KODACHROME, and the uncommon WWII love story ISABEL AND JUNE.

After pursuing both Theatre and English Literature at Indiana University, Scotty Weil moved to Chicago where his then lifelong dream of studying at the great Second City came true.  Unfortunately, he was kicked out after one month, shattering his only plans in life.  On the other side of town, however, he was able to study improvisational theatre with the late, great Del Close and fell wildly in love with comedy.  The key to flying, he learned from Mr. Close, is that you need to jump off of a number of cliffs to really figure it out.

Throwing a backpack on his back, Scotty and his younger brother took off on a year-long adventure around the world, landing eventually in New York City to reboot his acting career.  It was during the struggling years of acting in theatre and waiting tables that he stumbled into his now 25-year-old voice-over career.

After being the voice for literally thousands of products over the years, Scotty possesses a keen eye for great advertising, branding, and storytelling from a truly unique perspective.  Since his college days, he has also been a prolific photographer, still shooting film with his old Leica every week.

Using his actor’s brain and photographer’s eye, he has embarked upon a writing/producing/directing binge that has recently brought him to work with In the Wee hours.  Being able to approach things from both sides of the camera – incorporating improvisation and character analyses along with camera angles, depth of field, and great lighting – is the key to his success and filmmaking style.  That, of course, and his ability to find the funny in just about anything.

Some of his most recent work includes spots for Doritos, the web series METER MEN, and the 35mm B&W dark comedy THE LANDLADY.  His favorite colors are blue and green; he loves the number 7, drinking piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain… Scotty Weil.  Funny since about 1982.

Bryan Rowland was born just to the left of center as the second of five children.  He spent his childhood in tow, traveling between Michigan, Mexico, Ohio, and Utah while his father completed his medical school training.

After graduating from Skyline High School in Utah, Bryan did service throughout Taiwan for two years.  This afforded him the opportunity to become fluent in Mandarin, later using his Chinese language skills to land a job at GE which helped pay for his higher education.

While making his way through school at the University of Utah, Bryan began working at a video production company doing motion graphics, VFX, and editing.  It was during this time he realized that by utilizing various resources, from willing colleagues to the Internet, he could learn virtually anything on his own.  By applying this knowledge, Bryan eagerly worked to perfect his skills in digital film and photography.

It was after Apple did a write-up on its pro profile page highlighting the company's 4K post-production VFX pipeline that Bryan was offered the chance to help shape the exciting new world of HD online streaming video.  For two years, he worked closely with Discovery Channel, ABC, Oprah, Netflix, Warner Brothers, and Sony to launch their online streaming solutions.  While seemingly the opportunity of a lifetime, he missed his previous life telling stories.

With an intense passion for shooting and editing his own work, Bryan has spent years streamlining his camera packages and crews to work as fast as the documentary world would have him, and the past ten years have taken him all over the world shooting commercials and documentaries in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

Bryan is thrilled to have recently completed a 12-part scripted series about addiction recovery entitled 12 STEPS TO CHANGE.  Some of his other notable work includes the Joseph Abboud brand launch for Men's Wearhouse, a cinematic tour de force for Blake Lively's Preserve, and the Values.com launch campaign in China.

Everything has a story.  And all Vince Taroc ever wanted to do was to tell stories.  With this philosophy, Vince applies a story approach to all his work, whether it’s a photograph, a design, or a commercial project.  There's a story to be told behind every image, be it a single frame or a continuous campaign.  With eighteen years of visual design under his belt, there's no medium Vince hasn't already told a great story in.

It started off behind the lens of a Nikon.  Vince was fascinated with the camera's uncanny ability to capture fleeting moments.  But it wasn't enough.  He wanted to make the story more compelling.  So, Vince took up graphic design and photo retouching/manipulation, which expanded his ability to not only capture the story but retell it in an original way.

Still, he wanted more.  Despite an already busy career as a full-time art director and part-time animator and photographer, Vince ended up discovering a new passion – filmmaking.  He started off with pen to paper, writing scripts with detailed storyboards in mind, leveraging his gifted eye with lighting and camera angles.  After finally earning his first motion picture camera, Vince ventured into shooting everything he could get his hands onto, from corporate interviews and shorts to brand commercials and music videos, and ultimately his first feature film.

Now, Vince is known as the resourceful jack-of-all-trades, designing web or magazine pages one day, concepting bigger ideas and ad campaigns on another, and then shooting branded content in between.  Such a love for the arts has made him indispensable to the companies he has worked for, In the Wee hours included.

Some of his most recent work includes product photography for Lowe's, up-close team interviews for Sugarfina, and a new spot for Suntory Whisky.  So long as there are stories to be told, Vince will continue to capture and tell them in his own unique style.

Dave Garcia has been making and editing videos as a passion of his for over twenty-five years.  In 1996, he started on his path to becoming a professional editor by graduating with a BS in Visual Communication from the University of Idaho.

Following graduation, he landed a summer internship at Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles.  Over the course of his internship, he worked hard to hone his skills at the art and craft of editing.  In fact, they saw so much potential in him at Ogilvy that they soon hired him as a freelance assistant editor.  A few months later, he started freelancing at Dailey & Associates as well.  Both companies made a play for his services, but Dailey had the most potential for experience and growth, so Dave ended up moving there full time.

After two years as an assistant at Dailey, he was promoted to editor, cutting spots for such clients as Callaway Golf, Nestlé, and Ford.  Two years after that, he was made head editor and editorial supervisor overseeing the entire department.  For five years, Dave ran an organized, efficient, and profitable post-production department.  In those years, he also served as the head editor on numerous high-profile projects at the agency, including work with Shaq and Nestlé Crunch, Honda Motorcycles, and Legoland.

In 2007, he was recruited by another company and made the decision to jump to another top ad agency.  Ironically, it was with the very same department he had started his career in at Ogilvy.  Now he was running their post-production department, all the while continuing to edit prominent projects for Cisco, ampm, Nature Made, Tabasco, and Mattel.  His department was profitable every year; doubling their projected revenue in his final year with the agency.

For the past five plus years, Dave has worked as a freelance senior editor at several up-and-coming agencies throughout LA.  In that role, he has also served as post-production supervisor on numerous projects.  Some of his most recent work includes the Airbnb “Love this? Live there” campaign, Splendid #spreadsoftness campaign, and Wilson #betterer campaign featuring Roger Federer.

When Frank “The Flame” Barnhill lifted Jeremy Brunson over his head, he didn’t know what to think.  Moments later, he came crashing back down to earth, bouncing off the mat of the wrestling ring.  A body slam probably isn’t the most conventional way someone gets into filmmaking, but Jeremy met his match.  He found early success chronicling the (possibly tall) tales of Alabama independent pro wrestlers.  He soon found himself heading up to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he obtained a BFA in Filmmaking with a concentration in editing and sound.

One summer, he interned at Alabama Public Television working as an assistant editor on the award-winning film, THE QUILTMAKERS OF GEE’S BEND, directed by Celia Carey.

After graduating from UNCSA, Jeremy was tapped to work at a post house in Birmingham and assisted on Celia Carey’s next award-winning film, MR. DIAL HAS SOMETHING TO SAY, chronicling self-taught artist Thorton Dial’s struggle with racism in the art world.  While in Birmingham, Jeremy worked on major campaigns for the US Postal Inspection Service and other regional brands.  He then became the lead editor for Time Inc. Digital Lifestyle Division, editing hundreds of food and lifestyle videos across Time Inc.’s many brands.

Jeremy’s passion for storytelling eventually led him out to Los Angeles.  He enjoys editing projects of all types, from 15-second commercials to feature films.  Some of his recent work includes a series of videos for Lowe’s Hypermade campaign, the Christmas movie 12 DAYS OF GIVING, and the uncommon WWII love story ISABEL AND JUNE.

Anthony Mosa has immersed himself in television and film production for the last thirty years.  He has produced television projects for CBS, ABC, PBS, and the Bedford Falls Company -- Ed Zwick's feature, television, and commercial production company.  He has been honored with a Cannes Lions Award, a London International Award, a CINE Golden Eagle Award, a New York Festivals Silver World Medal, and multiple ADDYs.

Anthony has served as executive producer at Millennium Films and previously founded Station Wagon Films and Lemonaide Media, two Los Angeles-based commercial production, post-production, and digital media companies.  He is also a founding partner of the e-commerce website shopflick.com, now integrated into POPSUGAR, the celebrity news, fashion, and gossip website.

His corporate clients include Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Disney, Budweiser, Lexus, Visa, Cadillac, Chrysler, Harley-Davidson, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Acura, Infiniti, Sony, Chili's, Kellogg's, Post Foods, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, American Airlines, Bellagio, PepsiCo, Heineken, Mars Candy, Redken International, and Alberto VO5.

Some of the star talent he has worked with includes John Travolta, Madonna, Nicholas Cage, Ryan Seacrest, Ray Charles, Michael Jordan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, Bette Midler, Kirstie Alley, and Charles Barkley.

Associations include the Directors Guild of America, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, and the Los Angeles Mission Charities.

Anthony attended Villanova University where he designed his own curricular mix of business and film course work.  It was there that he was invited to become a lifelong member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.  He graduated Cum Laude and promptly relocated to Los Angeles.

Eric d’Ablaing in one of those unique individuals who is well balanced from his left-brain to his right-brain.  Originally a pre-med student at the University of Southern California, he realized that his true calling was finance.  It was at USC that an accounting professor convinced him to major in both finance and accounting, stating you can go into any type of business with an accounting degree, whether it be finance, marketing, or statistical analysis.

After graduating with degrees in finance and accounting, Eric worked as an accountant for Rain Bird Corporation and Hyundai Motor America.  He eventually moved into the role of financial analyst at Hyundai where he handled special projects for Hyundai’s top executives that not only involved key financial decisions but strategic ones as well.  While working at Hyundai, Eric went on to earn his MBA in Organizational Behavior from Azusa Pacific University.

During his ten years in the finance sector, Eric realized another talent – developing market strategies.  His superiors caught on to his unique skill set, and he was later asked to join Hyundai’s Marketing department where he eventually lead the digital charge for Hyundai’s marketing efforts.  Under Eric’s leadership, Hyundai saw a 1000% increase in traffic due to digital programs that he helped spearhead.

While in marketing, ad agencies and even his contemporaries hinted to Eric that he would make a great producer.  So, he decided to give it a shot and has yet to look back.  For the past ten years, Eric has been working his magic on producing numerous pieces for Hyundai, Toyota, Fresh & Easy, Dr Pepper, California Milk Advisory Board, Emerald Foods, Experian, and the City of Long Beach, to name just a few.

If Eric is not working on a new strategy for a client, managing the latest marketing project, or producing some amazing new digital content, you may catch him reading one of the Top 300 fictional books or, if it is winter, dropping into fresh powder and laying first tracks.

Ganna Sanjperenlei was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  She is the youngest of five children and one of the hardest working in her family.  Growing up, she juggled scrubbing the floor, cleaning the house, and cooking food for her siblings along with studying, doing late-night homework, and getting good grades in school.  Yet, this grueling childhood helped her to become very efficient, industrious, and resourceful – traits that would prove beneficial to her career later in life.

Ganna went on to attend Gazarchin University in Ulaanbaatar and, after completing an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, graduated with a BA in Tourism Management.  She continued helping her family until she decided to move to the United States in her early twenties for a more successful life.

Relocating to Orlando, she started working at the Marriott on the famed International Drive.  Once she had kids, the skills from her childhood began to pay off.  Ganna planned birthday parties for children of all ages, baby showers for close friends, and many get-togethers and holiday feasts for her family.  Her outstanding attention to detail, creativity, and organizing skills made her an impressive event planner.

In 2005, Ganna started exporting dry goods from Miami to Mongolia, one of the few people doing that type of business to Mongolia at the time.  These American products were sold in her sister’s convenience store in Ulaanbaatar.  In 2008, the family business moved operations to the West coast where Ganna expanded their offerings, shipping home goods and high-end, luxury cars overseas.  In the ensuing years, she has become an expert in ocean freight logistics, customs brokerage, and supply chain management.

Ganna then met filmmaker Dan Hertzog in 2012 and soon began applying her skill set as a producer at In the Wee hours.  Once married, they began working as a team to produce numerous commercials and proof of concept films, including the award-winning It’s On Us “Illogical” PSA campaign and preview scene from the upcoming DREAMS OF STARLIGHT.